About Us

Gyan Gurukul (a forum for IIT.JEE and Medical fame faculty) was established with a definite motto to help and motivate the students educationally and financially by offering them scholarships and complete career counseling sessions time to time .

During the career counseling sessions in reputed schools and at our centres, we always felt that the XII (Medical , Non-Medical) students are not having complete idea about all the competitive entrance examination as well as about other professional courses and hence inspite of having best talent, attitude and aptitude, they remain unsuccessful. Therefore to guide the students community for their overall progress and to make them aware about all the reputed Medical/ Engineering Institutions (Govt and Pvt) and all thee other necessary information regarding availability of forms , its submission procedures and for all the other necessary data, the required information have been collected from various institutes and universities and compiled will be available in this site time to time.

We hope it will serve the students community to a greater extent in getting all the required information for the competitive examinations and for other career ventures.

Unequalled Commitment

Gyan Gurukul was born out of big dreams and modest means. It was nurtured with the obsession of re-defining the very meaning and methods of success for Medical and engineering aspirants. Having played a pioneer role in establishing the concept of training for Entrance Exams. Today bears the hallmark of success through Quality over Quantity.

Unsurpassed Faculty

The benchmark status of Gyan Gurukul in education stems from its prized permanent faculty i.e. THE MASTERS THEMSELVES! The faculty optimizes individuals strengths through systematic training programmes, innovative, methodologies and fostering a culture that encourages creative thinking it create excellence.

Undisputed Performance

In its period of existence, Gyan Gurukul has inspired countless young minds to achieve top ranks and have delivered outstanding results. Even this year many Gurukulities brought the laurels and added milestone to Gurukul’s trend setting performance year after year.

Unmatched Methodology

The conscientious emphasis at Gurukul is on true learning and individual attention – without compromise. Using precise teaching methods, ‘low-fatigue’ classes and using efficient tools for better understanding. Gurukul have constantly evolved and perfected the art of entrance exams training in shaping the future technocrats & meditechs