About Career Scouts

We realize that dreams come with a deadline; therefore it is important to proceed at the right time. We step in to catalyze this process for both the student and the parents, thereby making quicker and easier for them. The age group starts from 15 years onwards or educationally, 9th standard onwards, where students are on the threshold of choosing their respective paths.

Career Counseling is the most important aspect for a student wanting to choose their career, to choose the Course Stream after their Matriculation as well as Higher Secondary and study abroad. At "CAREER SCOUTS" , we do make sure that the students get the right advice from our expert counselors.

if you are looking for a counselor who can guide you at every step then your search ends at "CAREER SCOUTS". At "CAREER SCOUTS", we make sure that when a student comes to us, he/she gets a peaceful and pleasant environment to talk to our expert counselor. As you proceed with your queries, our counselor understand your requirements and accordingly guide you in the best possible way.

Generally, students or parents come to us in a confused state of mind, as to which stream they should choose to study and what courses they should opt for.

Our counselor guide them by furnishing all the details so that they can take the right decision. We believe in guiding the students step by step.

"CAREER SCOUTS" helps you to identity your professional goals so that you/your ward take a wiser decision and choose courses that perfectly suits your or your ward's career goal. We are absolutely transparent in our dealings and help you getting admission in top accredited collleges and universities.

What We Provide

We  are  a  multi-dimentional  organization  that  aims  at  creating  career  solutions  for  students  by  exploring  their  potential  as  well  as  providing  able  guidance  for  further  education.

Our Role

How,  when,  where?   CAREER SCOUTS"  has  all  the  answers,  when  it  comes  to  an education.  The  various  technical  issues  in  the  procedure  involving  important  decision-making  and  active  measures  for  accomplishing  the  desired  course  within  a  specific  time.  This  makes  the  whole  procedure  faster,  simpler  and  easier.  We  will  take  the  student  in  the  journey  of  Psychometric  Analysis  Test  till  the  counseling  session  and  discussion  with  the  parents.  Final  Analysis  and  conclusion  sheet  will  be  provided  to  student/parents.

Other Areas Of Expertise