In the melee of current career education movement that has witnessed growth of an unprecedented kind nationally, the institutions which have managed to keep abreast of the developments in this sector and have maintained their areas of niche, have established themselves in this fast growing sector. Specialization has truly scored over generalization.

Getting yourself in India’s prestigious Engineering Colleges is the most important effort you can make to succeed in today’s challenging world. The power to transform your ability into a succinct and a wide knowledge base ensures you success.

From an institute founded about 10 years back, Gyan Gurukul has grown into a great learning organization with a mission to put itself into practice, persistence and performance and help students discover new ways to succeed in one of the toughest examinations at school level in the world i.e. Engineering and Medical Entrance Examinations. With an active, committed faculty and administration team, Gyan Gurukul is proud of its ties it has developed over a period of last ten years with students and parents across the region.

Our program offerings, teaching methodology, course pedagogy, study material, systematic and periodic assessment system enhances the intellectual and competitive vibrancy amongst the students. At Gyan Gurukul, learning is limited neither by time nor space. It is an ongoing and restless search for excellence in career education, one to which this institution is dedicated.

At Gyan Gurukul we strive to prepare you for leadership in this ever-changing, competitive world by maintaining the highest standards for the faculty and the staff. Our goal is to make your time at Gyan Gurukul worth your effort by providing an academically, professionally and intellectually in your personal life.

Gyan Gurukul stays in front of the success curve by knowing what factors drive success in the competitive exams. Our results are testimony of our commitment to teaching for competitive exams; combining theory, continual practice and proper time management.